Clifford P. Hansen Memorial Scholarship - 2023

Two $1,500 Scholarships Available

Available to Wyoming College Students

The Clifford P. Hansen Memorial Scholarship is in remembrance of Clifford Hansen, who was known as a Teton country rancher, Past President of Wyoming Stock Growers Association, the Governor of Wyoming and a U.S. Senator. The Memorial Scholarship was established through contributions received in memory of Senator Hansen and other departed WSGA leaders. It recognizes outstanding college students pursuing an education related to Wyoming's agriculture or natural resources. WSGA believes that continuing education is an important asset for youth. The $1,000 cash scholarships will be awarded for the upcoming academic year. "The Clifford Hansen Memorial Scholarship serves as a reminder of the dedicated leadership provided to WSGA and to the State of Wyoming by past and current leaders of our industry," stated Executive Vice President, Jim Magagna.

To be eligible, students, parents or guardian must be a member in good standing of WSGA. The applicant must be a sophomore, junior or senior for the upcoming Fall semester or a senior who is graduating  and has been accepted into graduate school for the concurrent Spring semester. The student must be enrolled full-time at the University of Wyoming or a Wyoming Community College, have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher and be majoring in agriculture or a natural resource related field. The winner will be approved by the WSGA trustees based on recommendation from the WSGA Executive Committee. The scholarship winner will be announced at the Wyoming Cattle Industry Convention & Trade Show. Winners will be notified prior and invited to attend to be recognized in front of WSGA membership and supporters.

To apply for this scholarship, the applicant must submit an official transcript and essay of 500 words or less addressing the following questions:

  • What have you gained from your college experience?
  • What leadership roles have you acquired since starting college and how have those leadership roles influenced you?
  • How do your post-college plans involve agriculture or natural resources?
  • What characteristics distinguish you as deserving this scholarship?

Send documents to the Wyoming Stock Growers Association at P.O. Box 206, Cheyenne, WY 82003 or by e-mail: [email protected]

Application deadline - March 1, 2023

Communications & Public Relations Internship - 2023

- Help educate and inform WSGA members through social media by interviewing and/or obtaining information from rural Wyoming Communities or person(s).
- Opportunity to assist the Executive Vice President conducting research as needed and assisting the Office Manager with administrative duties as needed.
- Travel to include the Summer Convention, Environmental Stewardship Tour, Wyoming State Fair as well as ranches across the state for CowCountry articles.
- Learn various aspects of the WSGA webpage and membership database.
- Develop and release press releases to state and affiliate media concerning different aspects of Wyoming agriculture and what the WSGA is working on.
- Interview, write and photograph for articles that will be in the quarterly CowCountry Magazine.
* Must have an open mind to learn various agricultural issues.   

Requirements and Details
- Internship located at 113 East 20th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming  
- Work hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (with 1 hour lunch break)
- Travel and additional work hours during convention and special events will occur throughout the summer (Interns will be notified prior to event).
- Stipend: $1600 / month (two pay periods per month by direct deposit).

To apply for this opportunity, please submit a current resume, a letter of interest explaining your educational goals and how you plan to use your degree after graduating, one writing sample and two letters of recommendation to the Wyoming Stock Growers Association at P.O. Box 206, Cheyenne, WY 82003 or by e-mail: [email protected]

Application deadline - March 1, 2023