Our History of Leadership:
WSGA has a long history of leadership in addressing issues that affect the ranching industry and the lives of agricultural producers including private property rights, water, state and federal lands, endangered species and environmental regulations.  We engage at both the Federal and State levels.

2022 Legislative Session

Review & Status

2022 Budget Session concluded March 11th.
Please click on the Legislative Report below for  information on the various bills WSGA is following. We encourage you to save bill information for future use. The Legislative Report is saved as a PDF document. Contact our office with any questions.
Visit the State Legislature site at www.wyoleg.gov.

  • Protect Private Property Rights
  • Create Value-Added Market Opportunities for Wyoming Beef
  • Enhance the Role of Young Ranchers in Industry Leadership
  • Tell Agriculture's Story   

2022 Issues Update

State Engagement

WSGA has well-established professional relationships with Wyoming elected state officials in both the Executive and Legislative branches of state government.  We endeavor to be a reliable source of information to these officials.  Our goal is to not only identify issues of concern, but to offer realistic solutions to those issues.  The number of WSGA legislative initiatives passed into law is testimony to the success of our approach.Our engagement in the political process includes support for candidates for office who value the role of agriculture and are open to giving thoughtful consideration to our positions.  We are enabled to do this through operation of our member-supported AG Political Action Committee (AG PAC).WSGA works directly with the Directors and staffs of state agencies.  We are frequently called upon to assist them in developing their policies and in disseminating information regarding those policies.

Federal Engagement

WSGA maintains a close working relationship with Wyoming’s Congressional Delegation and with their staffs.  Through frequent personal communication and participation in our biennial meetings we assure that the issues of importance to our membership are fully understood by the Delegation.  Working in coordination with our national organizations, we have built broader relationships with key members of Congress. WSGA interacts with Federal Agencies at the local, state, regional and national levels.  We have well-established relationships with agencies within the jurisdiction of USDA, and USDOI.  WSGA is active in submitting comments on a wide array of federal proposed rule-makings from these agencies as well as the EPA and Department of Labor.Member financial support for the WSGA Litigation Fund allows us to engage in the courtroom on matters that have the potential to significantly affect our members’ businesses.  We participate both as plaintiffs and in support of other parties through intervention or the filing of amicus briefs.


WSGA seeks to enhance its effectiveness by working closely with other agricultural organizations at both the state and national levels.  Recognizing the critical role of local governments, we maintain a strong relationship with their organizations.  We utilize an issue-based approach in working with other key segments of Wyoming’s economy, in particular energy and tourism as well as with the Wyoming conservation community.

Landowner  Data COLLECTION

Data Collection Persuant to Wyoming Statute 6-3-414. Legislation passed in the 2015 Session of the Wyoming Legislature establishes strict penalties for collecting resource data on private lands without landowner permission or legal authorization or for accessing other lands across private lands for such data collection.  Additional legislation established a civil cause of action for such trespass. WSGA is aware that some state and federal agencies and the University of Wyoming have developed landowner permission forms suited to their individual use. WSGA has developed a generic form suitable for most uses. Please find PDF link below. Paper copies can also be requested from the WSGA Office.

Landowner Data Collection Access Permission 

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