Since 1968, the Public Lands Council (PLC) has represented livestock producers who hold grazing rights on public lands, preserving the natural resources and unique heritage of the West. 
These ranchers own nearly 120 million acres of the most productive private land and manage vast areas of our nation's public lands, accounting for critical wildlife habitat and natural resources. 
PLC works to maintain a sustainable business environment in which ranchers can continue as stewards of the land and providers of food and fiber for our nation and the world.

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Wyoming Public Lands Coalition - Grazing Assessment 
We want to express our appreciation to the many permittees/lessees that send in their assessment each year.  However, a small percentage of permittees/lessees continue to carry the burden for all.  We urge you to contribute today to allow us to continue our PLC membership and to remain actively involved in public land issues.  There is no other livestock industry organization focused totally on public land grazing issues.