What Membership Will Benefit Your Operation? 

Please call the WSGA office to make payments over the phone: (307) 638-3942
This includes: WSGA Membership, PLC Dues or WSGA Merchandise

To pay for memberships or renew please click on Buy WSGA Membership above. Below you will find additional information about our many membership options.  

Producer Membership 

This membership has several levels (Level I - IV) for cattle producers. Each level is as unique as every operation and producers can indicate their level by how many head they run. 

Level I       1-100 Head          $120

Level II      101-250 Head     $190

Level III     251-500 Head     $290

Level IV     Over 500 Head    $495

Retired Rancher     $110

Subsidiary               $65 each (family/ranch hands) that can be added to producer dues. These members will also obtain member benefits. 

Associate Membership

This membership is great for businesses or other organizations who want to support our cause as well as take part in our conventions and quarterly magazine, CowCountry.

Level I -  $130 - Includes basic membership incentives

Level II - $2201/4 page ad in an issue of CowCountry. 

Level III - $440 Full registration at annual convention and 1/2 page ad in an issue of CowCountry

Level IV - $880 Trade Show booth at annual convention and 1/2 page ad in an issue of CowCountry 

Supporting Membership

A WSGA Supporting Membership is available to individuals who aren't commercial producers of livestock, and who are not retired ranchers, but who support and promote the interests of the livestock industry. This membership is a non-voting membership open to interested individuals worldwide. Members support the ag industry and receive a subscription to CowCountry and a Supporting Member window decal. Become a supporting member of WSGA for $25 per year! 

Youth Membership

A WSGA Youth Membership is available to livestock producers who are 25 years or under. This membership is also a non-voting membership, but receive all membership benefits. Become a Youth Member of WSGA for $45 per year!  

Cattlemen's Club

This is a special membership through WSGA where a member gives an annual donation of the proceeds from the sale of one healthy calf, steer or heifer. Benefits include:

  • Exclusive Cattlemen's Club annual gifts
  • Cattlemen's club recognition at convention
  • Invitation to Club member's event at summer convention
  • Special recognition in CowCountry magazine
  • Cattlemen's Club jacket for member and spouse
  • Designation of contribution towards:Advocacy on sate issues
  • Advocacy on federal issues
  • General operating expense
  • Producer information
  • Public Education
  • Unrestricted

"The Cattlemen's Club has allowed us to significantly strengthen our efforts to address such vital issues as property rights, endangered species, estate tax reform, animal identification, climate change and water rights."   Please contact the WSGA office if you would like to become a member of the Cattlemen's Club.  

Collegiate Youth-Joint Membership 

Available to students interested in Wyoming's agriculture and cattle industry who are current members of a collegiate cattle organization.This membership is also a non-voting membership, but receive all membership benefits. Become a Collegiate Youth-Joint Member of WSGA for $10 per year!   

Wyoming CattleWomen

We've joined with the Wyoming CattleWomen and are giving you an opportunity to join their great organization! Together we will support and advocate for Wyoming's cattle industry. The number of people involved in the cattle business continues to shrink each year. Thus it is imperative each of our voices be heard locally and nationally as part of a united group to promote the beef industry.

Our check-off dollars are helping tremendously in the purchase of materials to distribute our message in the schools, supermarkets, medical offices, etc. There is a need for leaders, as well as for those who choose to work quietly and effectively behind the scenes. There is a place for everyone and you can make the difference. 

Regular membership              $25

Associate                                   $40

WCW Sustaining                       $30

WCW Lifetime                           $300