Wyoming Premium Heifer Program


This joint venture between the University of Wyoming's Department of Animal Science, the Wyoming Business Council's Agribusiness Division, and the Wyoming Stock Growers Association is designed with the sole intent of creating an expanded marketing opportunity for commercial heifers, both replacement and bred. The program, cattle listings, and special sales will be promoted through industry publication across the country. The program's intent is to develop heifers according to the guidelines set forth that will provide a valuable product to the replacement market. Therefore, our objectives are:

  1. To increase the education and awareness of heifer development practices that will result in optimum reproductive efficiency of mature cows.
  2. To add value, promote and increase nationally the marketing opportunities for Wyoming produced heifers.
  3. To increase opportunities for beef producers nationally, to purchase the quality beef replacement females that are produced in Wyoming and under the protocol of this program.



To enroll Producers need to complete the annual application and submit the $25 enrollment fee to John Henn, 214 W. 15th St., Cheyenne,WY 82002. For applications and tag fees make check payable to the Wyoming Business Council. the application can be downloaded off the Wyoming Beef Cattle List web site at www.wyobeef.com.

There will also be a $2 per head charge for certified heifers which includes the official Wyoming Premium Heifer Program visual tag, and is due prior to tags being sent out. the visual tag must be placed in the left ear prior to the delivery to the certified program. To order the program tags contact John Henn.

For additional Program Eligibility Requirements please click HERE.

Ranch Enrollment Application Form

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Annual Application Fee: $25

Heifer Certification Fee: $3 per head


Mail all materials to:

John Henn

214 W. 15th Street, Cheyenne,WY 82002

 Make checks payable to:

Wyoming Business Council

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