Wyoming Livestock Genetics Association







The WY-LGA is governed by a volunteer board of directors
representing major breed associations and affiliated livestock industry.
The following membership types represent the WY-LGA. To learn
more about our Membership, please click here.

Producer Members

Purebred Cattle and Sheep producers, as well as commercial and crossbred seedstock producers interested in expanding their
promotional and marketing opportunities, as well as supporting the Wyoming genetics industry programs associated with WY-LGA.

Affiliated Members

Individuals and small businesses directly affiliated with the Wyoming genetics industry, who are interested in expanding their promotion and marketing opportunities. Examples include: A.I. reps, ultrasound technicians, ET technicians, genomic company representatives, feed companies and sales reps, independent livestock and nutritional consultants, veterinarians, livestock supply companies, auctioneers, livestock publications, and any other businesses or individuals that are affiliated industry and determined eligible by the WY-LGA general manager and board of directors.

Associate Members

All other individuals, businesses, companies and associations
interested in supporting Wyoming genetics industry programs
associated with WY-LGA. Associate members receive recognition
and signage at all WY-LGA events.

WY-LGA Contact:

Scott Keith - General Manager
(307) 259-3274





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