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Started in December 2015, the YPA is a group of young WSGA members who came together to create a place of learning, camaraderie and friendly family atmosphere while advocating for Wyoming's cattle industry. 

Mission of the Young Producer Assembly (YPA): Generating opportunities for young producers to be successful and passionate about the livestock industry in Wyoming.


Upcoming Meetings and Dates

Contact the WSGA Office at (307) 638-3942 for conference call information.

  • Conference Call: May 16: YPA              Last conference call before Summer Convention (All members) 7:00 – 8:00 PM

    Special Events

    YPA will hold business meetings during these events as well as a social event.

    • 2017 Wyoming Cattle Industry Convention & Trade Show | June 6-9, 2017 | Buffalo, WY
    •  2017 Winter Roundup Convention & Trade Show | December 4-6, 2017 | Casper, WY


    President-Kendall Roberts, Cheyenne
    Vice President-James Sewell, Saratoga
    Secretary-Haley Lockwood, Cheyenne
    Region I -Blake Hauptman, Sundance
    Region II - Vacant
    Region III - Sage Askin, Lusk
    Region IV - Kirby Berger, Saratoga
    Region V- Jarrod Hendry, Lysite



    • Michael & Amanda McGinnis, Kirby Berger & Will Hudson
    Social, Recruitment & Events
    • James Sewell, Haley Lockwood, Kricket Hudson & Faith Askin
    Education & Outreach
    • Sage Askin, Kirby Berger, Will Hudson & Jarrod Hendry
    • Kendall Roberts and Haley Lockwood

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