Public Comments

Public Comment or "Scoping Period" will run for 45 days from the publication of the formal Notice of Intent

DATE: October 11, 2017

Two opportunities that stand out where your story will make a difference.  The first is in the development of a new rule regarding Waters if the United States.  Comments are due by November 28th and can be submitted electronically. Submit your recommendations, identified by Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2017-0480, at 

 The next critical issue facing many in Wyoming agriculture is the implementation of sage grouse BLM and USFS Plan Amendments adopted in 2015.  The BLM has just announced that they will be opening up a public comment period to consider potential revisions to these plans.  While the current plans are in general consistent with the Wyoming Governor’s Executive Order on Sage Grouse, they go far beyond the Wyoming Plan in a few critical areas.  Of particular concern is the establishment of “stubble height” criteria that could significantly alter or preclude livestock grazing.  We anticipate a comment period that will expire right around Thanksgiving.  Comments on this issue can be submitted at


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