WSGA Membership Information

We know and appreciate how valuable your time is. That's why it’s important for you to have someone watching out for your best interests while you’re busy managing your operation.

As a Wyoming Stock Growers Association member, you'll have peace of mind knowing you have accurate representation on issues affecting your way of life in the cattle industry at state and national levels.

WSGA advocates for the livestock industry by working with elected officials and government agencies and through our extensive lobbying efforts. WSGA maintains a legal fund to initiate, defend or support litigation on critical issues and also has a political action committee to recruit and support elected officials who will support the member-driven values of the Association.

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Membership Categories

Producer Membership

 Producer members must be growers of cattle, horses, mules or sheep. Each regular member is entitled to one vote. A firm, partnership or corporation may be admitted to membership, but when admitted, shall have only one vote for each individual paid membership.

Associate Membership

 Associate membership is available to individuals, firms, partnerships, corporations or organizations that provide goods and services, or promote the interests of the livestock industry. Associate members receive all benefits of producer membership, except the right to vote. You choose your level of support!

Youth Membership

 Youth membership is available to livestock producers 25 years old and under. This membership is designed to help young producers get involved with WSGA at a heavily reduced cost. Youth members receive all benefits of producer membership, except the right to vote.

Youth-Joint Membership

Specifically for collegiate cattle associations or groups interested in Wyoming's cattle industry through WSGA. Heavily discounted rate that is included with the collegiate groups dues.

Supporting Membership

 Supporting Membership is available to individuals who aren't commercial producers of livestock, and who are not retired ranchers, but who support and promote the interests of the livestock industry. This membership is a non-voting membership open to interested individuals worldwide. Members support the ag industry and receive a subscription to CowCountry magazine and a Supporting Member window decal.

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